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Pool caulking replacement

Another name for pool caulking is sealant or mastic. This part plays the major role of guarding the inground pool therefore if the caulking is destroyed or is faulty, you must waste no time in replacing it. This article will help highlight why pool caulking replacement is of utter importance and how to know when the replacement should be done.

In summary, pool caulking is the sealnt that guards the expansion joint from damage. The expansion joint is basically a very narrow gap found around the pool’s perimeter directly between the pool deck and coping deck. The joint aidsbin the natural exaonaion of the pool wall and pool deck causes by the heat from the sun. Without caulking, this joint becomes hi hky vulnerable to all let’s of grit, dirt and sand which removes the breathing room.needed in hindering cracking as well as other costly pool destructions.

In worse cases, when the water continuously gets inside the expansion joint, it ultimately weakens the coping and eventually the pool tiles. Besides preventing damage, pool caulking also makes the swimming pools look very stunning, something all pool owners strive to get.

How to Know the Pool Caulking Needs Replacement

Pool caulking must last for a period of between five and ten years before any replacements are required and this time is dependent on when one resides and how often the pool is used. If, for instance, you reside in a place with harsh weather patterns, most particularly those related to flactuating temperatures, them the caulking will need replacement sooner than later.

Not just that, if the pool is used often, most especially if you have children who splash water all over, the continuous water exposure will hasten the caulk sealant deterioration. The only way to be certain is to keep checking for any damage like holes and cracking close to the perimeter expansion joint and any seoeration between he caulking and the concrete. Once you notice a slight damage, fix whatever is compromised instead of fixing the entire caulking.

DIY Pool Caulking Replacement

Working with an expert in repairing parts of a swimming pool is always the best move though caulking is not too hard to replace with the right tools to work with. Some of the things you require for this task include cutting tool, caulk gun, damp cloth or towel, tube of caulk, tape measure, form backer rod and leaf blower or brush.

The first step is prepping the area. This entails clearing the surrounding area of any stones, leaves or dirt. A household brush or leaf blower are used here. The next step entails pulling up the destroyed caulking. Find out thebpresice area that is damaged in the pool caulking. If you realize hatbthwrw are many peelings, cracks and holes, just replace the entire thing. After knowing where to cut use the cutting tool like the power cutting tool. Using the blade, scrape and cut the damaged bad old caulking till it very close to remove using your hands. Next, insert the new foam backer rod. After this is done, apply the new caulking on top of the foam rod. The last step is waiting for it to dry. You will require about 24 hours for the sealnt to harden and dry.

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